When I made the decision a few years ago to begin wholesaling my individually hand printed textiles to shops around the country, I knew I’d be making a dramatic shift from printing just a few one-of-a-kind designs on textiles to building a small business based on replicating the same designs again and again (and again and again). Still printed one at a time. Just lots more of the same. While I am ever so grateful for this successful, art-making business that provides me with a steady income, I will admit that after a full day of printing poppies or carrots or blueberries on towel after towel, I long for more time to sketch out new designs and explore new color palettes.

From time to time, when wholesale orders slow down a bit, I gift myself a bit of time away from the printing studio, to play. This spring, I was able to squeeze in two trips: the first, two weeks in Sicily with my husband, where we travelled throughout the island, staying a few days in Palermo and a few in Catania and Comiso, walking, eating and tasting wine. We spent six days at Case Vecchie where we cooked with Frabrizia Lanza (Cook the Farm https://annatascalanza.com/cook-the-farm/) and I took a daily sketch booking workshop with Samantha Dion Baker (Draw Your Life https://www.sdionbaker.com/). Heavenly. A few weeks later, we attended a family wedding in Phoenix, where I filled a sketchbook with drawings of cacti and birds.

Both trips gave me treasured time away from the studio and served as inspiration for some new designs. I’ve created some limited edition flour sack towels (available to order in my web shop only through the end of July).