6.25.2020 | I began printing fabric for face masks in early May, mostly in response to the increasingly adamant counsel from those studying the science behind the Covid 19, including Maine’s CDC director, Dr. Nirav Shah.

As Dr. Shah and the epidemiologists studying the Corona Virus increased their calls for us all to wear masks as a proven means of reducing transmission of the virus, but also as a way to demonstrate care and respect for one another, I decided it was time to step up to the task of making masks. 

A little problem: I don’t sew. I consulted my friend and fellow Rosemont Artists Guild member Saya Cullinan, who’d been making masks for several weeks. Saya had refined her design with an eye toward comfort and safety. Saya offered that we could set up a 50/50 arrangement for sharing the labor and costs of making our masks. If I would cut, print and iron the fabric pieces, she would sew and return them to me to attach the adjustable elastic ear loops.

A rotating variety of prints are available in my Etsy Shop, here on the website as well. You can also purchase them in a few shops, including Handworks in Blue Hill, ME; Archipelago in Rockland, ME; Henry VIII Carvery in Kittery, ME; Tower Hill Botanic Gardens in Boylston, MA; Maine Potters Market in Portland, ME; and Rosemont Markets in Portland, Falmouth, Cape Elizabeth and Yarmouth, ME.

It’s really fun to come up with new prints and colors each week. Check back frequently for new patterns and prints. And please, be a good neighbor and always wear a mask to protect yourself and others whenever you are out.


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