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In early, dreary, March of this year, when we were all still swimming upstream; feeling like life would never return to normal, grasping human contact wherever we could get it, and waiting for our turns to be vaccinated, I got a call from a writer for Edible Maine magazine telling me she was writing a piece about me for their summer issue. Releasing in June, the issue was to be focused on the colors of summer – profiling artisans, bakers, chefs, bartenders and farmers throughout my home state of Maine.

We talked. I told her (Caili Elwell) about how I started on this journey, how much I love what I do, the challenges of staying afloat during Covid, how lucky and grateful I am to have built a viable, sustainable business from my art. In April, the magazine sent a photographer (Nicole Wolf) to visit me in my studio. We found sunny spots to shoot my products in, I sheepishly looked into the lens for some portraits of the artist at work. The results are a two-page spread in Edible Maine – Summer 2021, out and about and available state-wide through the summer. (It’s a quarterly publication.)

I hope you’ll pick one up. Or, you can take a look HERE.

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