A new design always begins with a drawing, or a painting. Or several of both. A few weeks ago, when I began playing with design ideas for a 2021 Holiday print, I created numerous watercolor sketches in a sketchbook I keep for surface designs. Once I’d landed on some shapes I liked, I carved them to create my blocks and began creating a final design on paper, then fabric; experimenting with color and placement. I landed on a design I liked, incorporating greenery and berries in a scattering across the surface of the fabric.

When my studio assistant (the ever-clever and super efficient Emily Damon) arrived one morning, I showed her my design and I asked her to begin mimicking it on a dozen or so flour sack towels. She did, carefully placing each block in the arrangement I’d given her to replicate. After an hour or two of printing, she asked with a bit of hesitancy, “Molly, did you give any thought to arranging the prints in a circle, like a wreath?”

“Go for it”, I said, simultaneously intrigued by her concept and her desire to incorporate her own creative input into the work she does for me. (Which, as you might imagine, can be painfully repetitive. I mean, you try hand printing a bazillion individual blueberries on towels all day for three days running!)

And so, a successful creative collaboration was born. We hope you like our 2021 Pretty Flours Holiday Berry Design for towels, aprons, napkins and table runners.

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