Now with a middle layer of polypropylene. The same fabric used in KN95 masks.

She’s done it again. 

As goes Covid, so goes Saya. In response to Omicron and the new recommendation that we all upgrade our face coverings to N95 masks, the remarkable Saya Cullinan, designer and sewer of my Pretty Flours Face Masks, has perfected a redesign.

The same pretty and extraordinarily comfortable Pretty Flours Face Masks are now more protective than ever. 

After a great deal of research into what makes the N95 mask the gold standard for slowing the spread of Covid, Saya was able to procure yardage of non-woven polypropylene – the same protective fabric used in N95 masks. She sews two layers of this polypropylene fabric into the middle of each Pretty Flours Face Mask. Coupled with a new stitching pattern (that shapes the mask off your nose and mouth – much like an N95) and a slightly stronger nose wire, Saya has redesigned the fit to be even more protective than my original masks.

Pretty Flours Face Masks are still completely reversible (2 masks in one) and washable (by hand or machine). They still feature the same super soft, elastic that you can adjust to secure the mask either behind your ears or around the back of your head. Masks are sized to fit small (child/small adult), medium (average adult), and large (larger adult) heads and are available in several Pretty Flours block print designs and colors. It pleases me that my masks are now more protective than ever.

CLICK HERE to see the full line of Pretty Flours Face Masks.

CLICK HERE to read more about polypropylene, the more protective fabric used in the new design.

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