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Printing Sunflowers to Aid Humanitarian Efforts in Ukraine

Sunflowers, the national flower of Ukraine, have become a symbol of resistance against Russia’s invasion of the country.

Millions of families have fled the violence in Ukraine, while many have stayed behind to fight. All are suffering unimaginable conditions. People experiencing this conflict will feel the immediate effects from loss of food, shelter and often family, as well as long term trauma to their physical and mental health. How might we be of help?

As a means of showing my support for the people of Ukraine, this month, I will begin donating a portion of proceeds from all the Sunflower printed products I sell (towels, aprons, napkins, etc.) to Sunflower of Peace, a non-profit organization with offices in greater Boston and in Ukraine, that provides children and families in Ukraine with life-saving medical and humanitarian aid.

Join me in helping them in one of two ways:

1. Order any product from my web shop that is printed with a sunflower and I will donate 50% of your payment to Sunflower of Peace Foundation.  ORDER ANY OF MY SUNFLOWER PRODUCTS HERE


2. Send me an item of your own clothing, along with a payment of $50. I will print sunflowers on your clothing item and mail it back to you, donating $35 to Sunflower of Peace Foundation. The remaining $15 will cover return postage and printing supplies. ORDER YOUR CUSTOM PRINTED SUNFLOWER ITEM HERE

Thank you for joining me in supporting the people of Ukraine with this project.

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