A note about minimums: You are welcome (and encouraged!) to order different designs and/or colors within each product minimum. In other words, when placing an order for towels that meets my minimum of 24, you may want to order 6 towels in each of 4 different designs or 4 towels in 6 different designs.My minimums are based on what buyers have told me over the years works for them from a merchandising standpoint. We know that things just sell better when quantity is on display, and Pretty Flours sell better when customers have multiple colors and designs to choose from.Once you have established an account and have placed multiple orders, I am able to make exceptions to minimums.

A note about pricing: Please note, once you meet quantity minimums in your cart at checkout (ex: 24 towels in various designs) wholesale pricing will be reflected in your cart.

A note about ordering: You are always welcome to call and place your order with me on the phone or to order via email. In that case,  my website may simply serve as a useful reference in making your design and product selections.